REAWAKEN YOUR PASSION: How to Do Less, Have More Abundance & Be Irresistibly Happy!

...without stress, anxiety and overwhelm!!

    Are you a high-achieving woman who has done everything 'right'...but you still feel unhappy and unfulfilled?


    You did good in school, went to college, got the good job, built the house, had the 2.5 kids, and married the 'perfect' partner....


    Yet...you still feel trapped and stuck in a job, life, or relationship that no longer lights you up. Your endless to-do list keeps growing and you keep wondering when can I stop and actually enjoy life!?


    You've lost the pep in your step and you are feeling stuck at a cross-roads in your life...not sure which turn to take!


    If this is you then I have the perfect cure for you!


    The truth is...If you aren’t currently living the passionate, vibrant and fulfilling life YOU desire, then you’re most likely MISSING one or more of the 5 essential ingredients. 


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    Discover the 5 keys to unlocking your passion so you can attract abundance in life and love and become the irresistibly happy woman you are meant to be!

    • Key #1: Ignite Your Desire & Feminine Power

      Cori Watson, Sexual Alchemy Coach, is going to show you exactly how to become more vibrant and energized. She will help you awaken your feminine power and transform shame and fear into pleasure & desire! 

    • Key #3: Heal Your Inner Child

      Silke Tyler, Master Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer & Leading Spiritual Teacher will guide you in an understanding of how trauma from your childhood is still affecting every aspect of your life today. Gain the wisdom to release trapped patterns and heal to your core so that you can create incredible inner strength.

    • Key #5: Reignite the Passion In Your Relationship

      Valerie Kolick, neuropsychotherapist and relationship expert will show you how to revive, repair and reignite your marriage using the power of brain science! You'll leave this training knowing the exact steps to take to heal a broken marriage or add incredible passion to a simmering relationship. 

    • Key #2: Reawaken Self-Love & Live Out Loud

      Dr. Sweta Chawta, Speaker, Author & Success Coach is going to help you identify what's holding you back from true self-love and confidence.  You'll take part in an experience that will give you clarity so that you can play full out professionally, relationally and personally!

    • Key #4: Finding Your Spark: How To Get Started On Goals That Matter

      Ready to discover your purpose? Want to add more meaning and fulfillment to your life? Cara Harvey, Life & Success Coach, is going to walk you through three steps to gain clarity and purpose so that you can create and reach goals easily and without overwhelm!

    The Reawaken Your Passion Live Online Workshop!

    Hosted by Valerie Kolick, M.A.

    Valerie is a trained neuropsychotherapist and relationship expert & coach who works with high-achieving women who are ready to reignite the passion in their marriages and in their lives. Her mission, and the mission of this workshop, is to help women get off the endless to-do list train and start living a life that is full of passion, abundance, love and happiness!