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Discover How To Revive Your Relationship Quickly And Become More Desired and Loved Than Ever Before With the Simple Relationship Mindset Success Framework



The only thing holding you back from creating an epic relationship, rediscovering passion and connection and feeling loved from the inside out is your mindset. And reprogramming and rewiring your brain is the fastest, easiest way to improve intimacy, passion and trust in your relationship so you can feel more “in-love” quickly!



Shifting your mindset is the quickest way to transform your relationship, uplevel your communication, and rebuild trust and passion into your relationship...and when you super-charge the transformation by using the groundbreaking Relationship Success Framework, your relationship and life becomes unlimited!

  • Reprogram Your Brain for EPIC Relationship Success

    Learn the secrets to releasing limiting beliefs and blocks that may be sabotaging your relationship and your happiness.

  • Simply Actions to Feel Adored & Cherished

    Start rebuilding the passion, desire and intimacy back into your relationship with simple daily habits!

  • Raise Confidence & Trust

    Find inner peace and emotional freedom by letting go of past resentments, anger and stresses in your relationship.

  • Get Your Needs Met & Understand Why He Acts The Way He Does

    Learn exactly what has been missing from your relationship and finally understand why he acts the way he does you can start influencing major change!!

  • Stop the Arguing and Enhance the Connection

    Become a more irresistible and confident woman who receives love easily and without fear.

MODULE 1: Relationship Mindset 101

Module 1.1: Removing Limiting Beliefs

Module 1.2: Dangerous Relationships “Shoulds”

Module 1.3: The Two Most Powerful Mindset Shifts That Will Change Your Relationship TODAY!

MODULE 2: Reprogramming Your Subconscious “Relationship” Mind

Module 2.1: Window to Your Subconscious

Module 2.2: Removing the 6 Energy Blocks

Module 2.3: Uncover Sneaking Unhealthy Relationship Patterns

Module 2.4: What To Do When He’s Already Emotionally or Physically Gone

MODULE 3: Rebuilding Your Self-Love

Module 3.1: Understanding Your & Your Partners Relational Patterns

Module 3.2: The Powerful Self-Esteem Hack

Module 3.3: Self-Esteem Killers & How To Eliminate Them

Module 3.4: Mastering Boundaries

Module 3.5: Acting As-If

MODULE 4: Regulating & Befriending Your Emotions

Module 4.1: Your Relationship With Your Emotions

Module 4.2: Your Emotional Responses

Module 4.3: Tips to Get Him To Open Up

Module 4.4: Your Authentic Emotions

Module 4.35: Your Emotional Health Checklist

MODULE 5: Getting Your Needs Met

Module 5.1: Basic Relationship Needs

Module 5.2: Why He Acts The Way He Does

Module 5.3: 7 Steps to Getting What You Need

MODULE 6: Rebuilding Trust & Forgiveness

Module 6.1: 50 Shades of Trust

Module 6.2: Letting Go of Resentments & Anger

Module 6.3: Rebuilding Trust

MODULE 7: Intimate Communication

Module 7.1 Communication Style

Module 7.2: Radical Listening & The Secret Communication Formula

Module 7.3: The Communication Tornado

Module 7.4: Communication Wrecking Balls

MODULE 8: Keeping It Hot!

Module 8.1: Re-Creating the Story of “We”

Module 8.2: Solving the Most Common Relationship Challenges (Sex, money, parenting, etc.)

Module 8.3: Intimacy Rituals Cheatsheet

Getting Started with Your Relationship & Life Transforming Journey is as easy as 1...2...3…! Enroll in The Relationship Mindset Bootcamp Today!

"My life is completely and totally different. I went from feeling powerless to powerful beyond measure. Valerie’s coaching is invaluable. I truly feel that this was THE turning point in my life thus far.  Valerie has truly changed my life and the lives of my husband and children forever." 

Gina Stasowski

New York

"Our marriage just works so much better. We don't raise our voices at each other anymore - and we resolve problems much quicker, our anxieties have almost disappeared and we don't get defensive anymore. We are happy and secure in our relationship, so we can focus on creating success and happiness in other areas of our life!We have reinvested in our relationship & are more committed and closer than ever!​"

Brad & Carolyn Clark

Seattle, WA

"We found ourselves having the same argument with the same results (hurt feelings!). We learned how to communicate with ease and how to appreciate & support each other! Conversation is easier now - and no more hurt feelings!"

Matt & Anne Allen

Cincinnati, OH

Why You Can NO LONGER AFFORD To Ignore

Your Relationship...

💟 YOU'RE WASTING ENERGY: You don’t have the energy, time and brain space to waste on trying to avoid problems or wondering if you’ll ever be truly happy and desired in your relationship.


💟 YOUR HAPPINESS IS EVERYTHING!: Harvard studies have proven that the quality of your life is directly determined by the quality of your relationships!


💟 THINGS WON'T MAGICALLY GET BETTER: Waiting for your partner to magically change or “want to try” isn’t going to work. Take your power back and make the transformation happen NOW!


💟 KEEP DOING THE SAME THINGS, YOU'LL GET THE SAME RESULTS: How many days and years have you wasted stressed and frustrated, trying to fix your relationship? It’s time you followed a proven neuroscience based program that ACTUALLY WORKS!

What's The Investment In The Relationship Mindset Bootcamp?

The mistake most people make is they think the “do-it-yourself” route is cheaper. What they don’t take into account is how SLOW and INEFFECTIVE that can be.


Or worse…


..the damage that is happening in your relationship with every “false” step you take.


So wouldn’t it take so much stress off of you if you could just follow a step-by-step proven framework that will not only transform your relationship but will transform your life!


How much would it be worth if the ONLY thing you got from this program was the ability to have a conversation with your partner without an immediate argument?


How much would it be worth if the ONLY thing you got from this program was to feel more confident and loved from within?


How much would it be worth if the ONLY thing you got from this was the tools to reprogram your brain for any obstacle in your way?


How much would it be worth if the ONLY thing you got from this program was to let go of past resentments in your relationship?


How much would it be worth if the ONLY thing you got from this program was to feel more "in-love" with your partner and find your own happiness?


$10,000, $1,000? Priceless?


But, here’s the deal - if you put in the effort, take the action, and follow the step-by-step map that I give you in the program - I can promise you’ll gain much, much more!


And you can get the whole system for just 3 installments of $137 (or pay in full and save!)


Plus, I have a 30-day, no questions asked money-back guarantee.


Easy Pay

  • Lifetime Access 

  • Over 20 Insight Guides & Activities

  • Meditations & Guided Imagery Audios

  • Private Facebook Community & Support

  • BONUS 1: Healing in Progress Journal and Training (Value $397)

  • BONUS 2: Brain-Based 5-Step Process for Clarity & Epic Success (Value $397)

  • BONUS 3: The Ultimate Couples Package (Value $497)

3 x $137

One Time Payment

  • Lifetime Access 

  • Over 20 Insight Guides & Activities

  • Meditations & Guided Imagery Audios

  • Private Facebook Community & Support

  • BONUS 1: Healing in Progress Journal and Training (Value $397)

  • BONUS 2: Brain-Based 5-Step Process for Clarity & Epic Success (Value $397)

  • BONUS 3: The Ultimate Couples Package (Value $497)


30 Day Love It Or Leave It Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. I don’t want unhappy money or unhappy customers, but we also want  you to give your best effort to apply all of the strategies in the program, and to take advantage of the coaching. We provide a 30-day money-back guarantee for the Program.

NOTE: In order to qualify for a refund you must submit proof that you did the work in the program and it did not work for you. In the even that you decide your purchase was not the right decision, within 30 days of enrollment, contact Valerie at and let us know you’d like a refund by the 30th day at 11:59 EST. You must include your program work with your request for a refund. If you request a refund and do not include your coursework by the 30th day, you will not be granted a refund.

BONUS 1: Healing in Progress Program (Value $397)

Finally let go of resentments and anger for good using the power of the groundbreaking process of NeuroForgiveness (TM)


BONUS 2: Brain-Based 5-Step Process for Ultimate Clarity & Success (Value $397)

Feel overwhelmed, stressed, or stuck? This is the perfect 5-step process to help you gain clarity, learn how to set goals in a way where you'll stick to them, and start living your perfect dream day - day after day!

BONUS 3: Ultimate Couples Package (Value $497)

Once your partner is ready to go on this journey of healing, self-discovery and ultimate love with you - this is the perfect bundle that you can work through together. It includes the Fight Less, Connect More Audio Communication Program, 5-Day Relationship Rescue, 9-1-1 Cheat Sheets and more

You Get All THREE of These Amazing Bonuses Valued At $5,279 for FREE When You Enroll Today!


Valerie is a Trained Neuropsychotherapist turned Transformation Coach...

…who has spent the last 15 years decoding the heart and the mind so she can help incredible women create extraordinary lives through individual coaching and programs like the Forgive to Transform Program & the Relationship Mindset Bootcamp: Love To Transform.

In 2017 Valerie made a huge shift to incorporate mindset and neuroscience into her practice so she could help her clients heal from the past, rewire their brains for success, and connect the heart and the mind for ultimate success.


Valerie has been featured in national publications such as MindBodyGreen & Huffington Post as a relationship and mindset expert, and has a huge following because "her stuff just works!"

When she's not healing and helping others, Valerie can be found playing lakeside with her two young children and her amazing (handsome) husband, watching Ohio State football, or enjoying time with her friends. 


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