The 3 Powerful Keys to Repair, Reignite & Revive Your Relationship 

Turn Your Struggling Relationship - No Matter Where It Is Today - Into A Thriving Relationship

(even if your partner isn't on board)

In This Live Virtual Workshop, You Will:


The #1 missing ingredient in your relationship (once you master this you’ll go from lonely and frustrated to loved and fulfilled)


How your brain may be keeping you stuck in struggling and holding you back from a joyful and passionate relationship (and how you can rewire your brain for ultimate success in your relationship!)


The model that will get to the root cause of your relationship problems and fix them for good - say Hello to better communication, more connection, support, trust & true love!!


A step-by-step plan to repair, revive and reignite your relationship (& life) no matter how hopeless, frustrated, or lost you’re feeling today.

Meet Val!

Trained Neuropsychotherapist, Relationship Expert & Coach

Founder of the Relationship Mindset Bootcamp and NeuroTransformation Method

Valerie is a trained neuropsychotherapist and relationship expert & coach with over two decades of expertise in brain based and heart centered transformation, healing and relationships. Using neuroscience, energy psychology and uncanny intuition, Val helps high-achieving women repair and reignite the passion in their marriages and in their lives. Her mission, and the mission of this workshop, is to help women create relationships and lives that are fulfilling, passionate and abundant!

Real Students, Real Thoughts

"My life is completely and totally different. I went from feeling powerless to powerful beyond measure. Valerie’s coaching is invaluable. I truly feel that this was THE turning point in my life thus far.  Valerie has truly changed my life and the lives of my husband and children forever." 

Gina Stasowski

New York

"Our marriage just works so much better. We don't raise our voices at each other anymore - and we resolve problems much quicker, our anxieties have almost disappeared and we don't get defensive anymore.


We are happy and secure in our relationship, so we can focus on creating success and happiness in other areas of our life!


We have reinvested in our relationship & are more committed and closer than ever!​"

Brad & Carolyn Clark

Seattle, WA

"We found ourselves having the same argument with the same results (hurt feelings!). We learned how to communicate with ease and how to appreciate & support each other! Conversation is easier now - and no more hurt feelings!"

Matt & Anne Allen

Cincinnati, OH

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