Discover How To Release The Past Hurt So You Can Create Emotional FREEDOM & EPIC Growth In Your Relationships, Health & Life

Forgiveness is the most effective, easiest & long-lasting way to heal yourself, your relationships, and reach your unlimited potential...and when you super-charge your forgiveness with the groundbreaking science of neuropsychology & energy psychology, your success & happiness becomes unlimited!!

  • Learn To Trust Again & Build Amazing Relationships

    Learn how to start trusting others again so that you can create passionate, loving connections with friends, family, and your partner (even if you’ve been betrayed before).

  • Rewire Your Brain For Ultimate Growth & Healing

    Rewire your brain and release negativity, hurt, and anger so you can feel more positive, happier and more self-love.

  • Replace Anger, Hurt & Anxiety With Inner Peace & Happiness

    Let go of the hurt, anger, and anxiety of the past so you can stop sabotaging your future and start creating the EPIC life that you deserve.

  • Let Go of Guilt & Shame

    Heal from past emotional wounds and trauma, and let go of guilt and shame so you can feel inner peace, drop repetitive negative habits, and become your true authentic self.

  • Discover Meaning & Purpose

    Discover meaning and purpose in your life so you feel fulfilled, energetic and passionate about all life has to offer you.

What You’re Getting Inside The Forgive To Transform Program:

The Forgive To Transform Program is a 6-Week, Step-by-Step Video & Coaching Program that walks you through the 5 phases of true forgiveness & healing!


24/7 INSTANT and Lifetime Access (including all updates).


Integration Exercises & Journalling Prompts to help you fully integrate the material into your everyday life


Meditations & Guided Visualizations to help you rewire your subconscious brain for ultimate healing.


Membership in a community of smart, compassionate, and driven individuals to support you and encourage you along the way (you won’t do this alone!)

Phase 1: Prepping Your Heart & Mind

Prep your mind and heart for the true work of healing and forgiveness. You'll be rewiring your brain for more peace, intuition, and shifting your mindset to one of true healing.


1.1: Understanding How Your Past Is Affecting Your Future 

1.2: Tapping Out Negative Emotions

1.3: Improving Your Intuition & Removing Limiting Beliefs

Phase 2: Discovery

After your mind, emotions and energy have been prepared, it's time to unlock the hidden and not so hidden emotional wounds and bruises that have been holding you back. This is a dive into the subconscious and is a powerful discovery that will start healing you instantly.


2.1: Uncovering The Past

2.2 Releasing Emotions, Fears & Negative Energy

2.3: Tapping Into Forgiveness

Phase 3: Healing

It's time to break free of the chains that have been holding you back. In Phase 3 you will go through the healing and forgiveness process that is going to break you free of the past for good. 


3.1 Understanding & Rewriting The Past Hurt

3.2 Commitment To Forgiveness

3.3 Building Empathy & Healing Relationships

3.4 Finding Meaning in the Suffering

Phase 4: Self-Forgiveness & Love

Now that you have released the hurt & hidden traumas of the past, it's time to relieve yourself of guilt, judgement, and shame. This is about living your authentic life, and truly loving yourself. You'll also learn how to reconcile with someone who has betrayed you, and how to set loving boundaries around this relationship.


4.1 Releasing Judgement & Self-Forgiveness

4.2 Releasing Guilt & Shame Through Self-Compassion

4.3 Raising Self-Esteem

4.4 Creating Boundaries & Reconciliation

Phase 5: Unlock Your Epic Life

In this final phase you will use your past to unlock and propel your purpose & create more meaning, achievement & joy in your life. This last phase is about celebrating everything you have accomplished, and noting how your life has changed in such a short time! (and gives you a plan to make sure you keep the momentum going!)


5.1 Creating Purpose & Meaning

5.2 The Final Release

5.3 Daily Forgiveness & Healing

5.4 10-Week Forgiveness Follow-Through Plan

Getting Started with Your Life-Transforming Healing Journey is as easy as 1...2...3…! Enroll in The Forgive To Transform Program Today!

What Some of My Clients Have To Say!

Before the program, I struggled with lots of resentments and anger in my relationships and through past hurts. Now I have a deeper and more loving relationship with my husband and family and I have discovered so much about myself that has healed me in countless ways. I feel liberated and free from my past.

Renee Dolphin

I didn't believe this would really work, but I trusted my gut and joined. It far surpassed anything I imagined. I have eliminated my anxiety almost completely, and I have so much inner peace! Valerie and this program are AMAZING. 

Beth M.

Working with Valerie was a game changer for both my business and personal life. She helped me identify some items that were preventing me from experiencing happiness and success. Not only did Valerie help me identify these things, she created an action plan for me to overcome them.

Amanda Tress




The type of coaching that Valerie provides is life-changing. Valerie has made a huge impact on my life and future, bad-ass, thriving, connected and non-lonely business!




Cat Sagar




I tried to ignore my past and past hurt, until I realized I was getting stuck in negative thoughts and emotions from the past. I am most thrilled with the empowerment I feel over emotions that I thought were controlling me.


Elena B.

I used to struggle with alot of anger towards my father, that was affecting my whole life. It was affecting my children, my husband & my health. During the Forgive To Transform Program, I was able to let go of the anger. My kids, friends and husband have noticed a huge difference in me. I'm more hopeful, healthier and more at peace than ever in my life.

Wendy Smith

Why You Can NO LONGER AFFORD To Ignore

Your Past & Present Hurts...

💟 TRYING TO FORGET WON'T WORK: Groundbreaking neuroscience research shows that our past memories and hurts (even the hidden ones) control our current thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Until you heal your past, your subconscious will continue to control your future. Sorry folks, ignoring the past will not make it go away.


💟 TALKING ABOUT IT DOESN'T WORK: When you continue to talk about hurt, hang on to resentments or anger, or think about the things that went wrong in your life YOU ARE PERPETUATING the hurt - not fixing it. It’s time to learn how to stop talking about the past and start healing the past.


💟 PAST HURT IS THE LEADING CAUSE OF MENTAL, PHYSICAL & RELATIONSHIP PROBLEMS: Research shows that trauma, emotional hurts, and bruises are the leading cause of depression, anxiety, poor relationships, addictions, and physical health issues. Luckily, once you heal the past these other symptoms also disappear.


💟 BECOMING JADED & PUSHING PEOPLE AWAY MAKES YOU LONELY (NOT SAFE): Most people put up walls, push people away, and lose trust when they are hurt - making it impossible to create authentic connection and love. When you learn how to trust with healthy boundaries you can finally feel connected to others and yourself.


💟 HOLDING GRUDGES IS ONLY HURTING YOU: Not forgiving others is holding you hostage and is keeping you chained to the person who hurt you. Not forgiving yourself is sabotaging your happiness, and is keeping you stuck.


💟 YOU CAN PASS YOUR HURT TO OTHERS: When you don’t deal with your hurt, you can pass that down to your children and other people around you. When you heal the past, you become more present, more positive, and bring light to everyone in your life.

What's The Investment In The Forgive To Transform Program?

The mistake most people make is they think the “do-it-yourself” route is cheaper. What they don’t take into account is how slow, ineffective, and lonely that can be.


Or worse…


….the costs associated with every wasted minute and mistake you make by not healing the root of the problem and staying stuck, angry, and jaded.


So next, people just say, “I’ll just read a book about forgiveness”


Which is possible! You can read 30 books on forgiveness, research the latest neuroscience on rewiring the brain, spend $10,000 on technical workshops and trainings like I did...or even spend thousands of dollars sitting with a therapist for months and even years.


You may or may not get the same results as you’ll get in the Forgive To Transform program. But that’s your gamble.


If you’re like me, you want an easy to follow, proven method for getting the quickest and most long-lasting results.


This is your chance to learn from me so you can unlock your epic life quickly (and be part of an incredibly supportive community)!





6 Monthly Payments


DOORS CLOSE JANUARY 27th AT 11:59 PM Pacific Time


30 Day Love It Or Leave It Money-Back Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. I don’t want unhappy money or unhappy customers, but we also want  you to give your best effort to apply all of the strategies in the program, and to take advantage of the coaching. We provide a 30-day money-back guarantee for the Program.

NOTE: In order to qualify for a refund you must submit proof that you did the work in the program and it did not work for you. In the even that you decide your purchase was not the right decision, within 30 days of enrollment, contact Valerie at valerie@valeriekolick.com and let us know you’d like a refund by the 30th day at 11:59 EST. You must include your program work with your request for a refund. If you request a refund and do not include your coursework by the 30th day, you will not be granted a refund.



BONUS 1: Six (6) Weekly LIVE Group Coaching Calls (VALUE $2,000)

You will not go on this journey alone. Each week you will and the rest of your tribe will join a LIVE small-group coaching call with Valerie. 


These calls are invaluable and where the transformation truly happens. There is something magical about a group of strong, determined individuals healing together. Remember, "Healed People, Heal People," and that's what happens during these calls.


During this call you'll get your specific questions answered, she'll guide and coach you to ultimate healing, and you'll find the support and motivation you need to unlock your epic life!

Bonus 2: Private Online Community (Value $999)

Support, courage & a place to celebration (and vent). You'll have complete access to me and the other members 24/7 in this private online community. 


BONUS 3: The Fight Less & Connect More Audio & Workbook Program (Value $297)

I know many of you are trying to heal from betrayal or hurt in your relationships. Or you are ready to start creating a new, healthy and love intimate relationship. 


In either case, the Fight Less & Connect More program is the perfect program for you. This program teaches you how to improve the communication in your marriage, rebuild trust, and create more intimacy and passion.

Bonus 4: Removing Money Blocks So You Can Create Ultimate Abundance (Value $399)

Bonus 5: Heal Your Body (Value $497)

There's a HUGE connection between the heal of your body and the health of your mind. So, once you've healed your past, it's time to reconnect with your body. 


That's why I have brought on experts in diet, nutrition, meal-planning, sleep & exercise to give you the secrets to creating a healthy and extraordinary body!


You Get All 5 of These Amazing Bonuses Valued At $3,992 When You Enroll Today!




6 Monthly Payments



Valerie is a Trained Neuropsychotherapist turned Transformation Coach...

…who has spent the last 15 years decoding the heart and the mind so she can help incredible women create extraordinary lives through individual coaching and programs like the Forgive to Transform Program & the Relationship Bootcamp: Love To Transform.

In 2017 Valerie made a huge shift to incorporate mindset and neuroscience into her practice so she could help her clients heal from the past, rewire their brains for success, and connect the heart and the mind for ultimate success.


Valerie has been featured in national publications such as MindBodyGreen & Huffington Post as a relationship and mindset expert, and has a huge following because "her stuff just works!"

When she's not healing and helping others, Valerie can be found playing lakeside with her two young children and her amazing (handsome) husband, watching Ohio State football, or enjoying time with her friends. 

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